Why hiring an Executive Coach is the smartest business move you can make

Historically, business leaders/owners hired an executive coach when something was broken in the organization and need to be addressed quickly.  They coach be brought in, resolve the issue, paid and sent on their way.  Only for the issue to pop back up later in the future.


In today’s business environment, this attitude has dramatically changed. Every high performing company is immersed with change and disruption that is demanding the top executives and those executives must expand their leadership skills faster than ever before.


One of the most common things business leaders/owners can gain from hiring an executive coach is that your coach will have the ability to see things that you might not see.  When you are moving so fast, it’s hard to assess everything that is going on around you and a coach can help you avoid from being blindsided.  A coach will help you see around the corners, evaluate opportunities, weigh tradeoff’s and give you a fresh, new perspective.


Some things you should look for in a coach, is that they will dive in and understand your business objectives and the pressures you’re under-this includes your business and personal realities. A great executive coach will take a fully integrated, holistic approach to all the dimensions because the only way to be sure you’re successful and feel meaning in your life and work.  They need to show you how more effective with your teams, peers and stakeholders. The coach needs to be as passionate as you are about your business, but also must be able to give you that “tough love” when necessary.


Every leader must have the right chemistry with their executive coach.  If you don’t trust or respect the person and they don’t respect you in a deep sense, then the relationship is never going to work.  A great executive coach will care about you and your business. They want positive changes, just like you want.  If you don’t want positive changes in your business, then no matter how great your relationship is with your coach, you will not get any results.


Your executive coach should assist you in creating systems that align with your actions and goals. Another key item to consider, is that your executive coach is the leaders confidant, mentor, guide, and sometime their mother.


It takes hard work and a strong team to get to the top, and one member of that team should be an executive coach. You will achieve the goals you want and see your business in a new exciting way.  Think of all the athletes, high-performance leaders, etc.  None of them got to where they are without the help of a coach.


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