We have a variety of business related topics that can be customized to your organization, association, trade show, or conference.  Contact us today and discuss how our workshops can satisfy your business needs.

20 Minutes to 1 hour:

  • What is a business coach, and do you need one? Provides an overview of what a business actually does working with someone as well as discussing a checklist for the audience to see if they should be working with a business coach.
  • How does coaching work?  Quick overview of how a coach works with someone, then goes into detail on the coaching process and what the person should be getting from the coach.
  • 3 Eyes of an entrepreneur:*  Excerpts from E-Myth, discussion with the participants to see are they really an entrepreneur, manager, or the technician. Very eye opening to the participants.
  • Carnage Triangle:  Great discussion if the members of the audience has/have/will have staff. Overview that without attitude, skills and knowledge do not mean anything.
  • Life cycle of a business:*  Good for any business owner/leader to understand where they currently are within the business life cycle, what is in the future and how to plan for the changes.
  • Diamond Mapping:  Great discussion for anyone that would like to be financially independent, a better relationship, to improve their health, and have better success.
  • Victor/Victim:*  For anyone that has ever blamed others (Victim) for anything and how to change their mindset to become a Victor.
  • Gliecher’s Formula for change:  If anyone has to made any changes within their business, this is an actual formula to understand how everyone impacted will handle the change.
  • 1% Rule:  Based on the compound effect, just increasing 1% in many areas of a business or personal life will cause vast improvement.
  • Law of Self Control:  This is for anyone that wants to make big positive changes in their life. The participants will understand they are in control of themselves.
  • 4 steps of learning (Sigmoid Curve):  Learn where you, your staff, and your business is on the curve –in the learning, growth, or decline stage.
  • What business are your really in?  Introspective of what business you are really in. Results usually are profound
  • Who really are your customers?  Many business are targeting the wrong customers, this program assist them to find out who their real customers are.

20 Minutes to 3 hours:

  • Smart goals:  Many people have used smart goals, but are they sticking to them.

2 to 4 hours:

  • Way 2 Wealth:*  Discuss how 6 simple levers in all businesses will make a dramatic positive impact on the business.
  • Behavioral Styles:  All the participants must complete a DISC assessment prior to this workshop. We go over the results of their assessments in a positive and learning manner so they each may improve themselves in their personal and business life.

90 Minute Workshops:

  • A variety of modules taken from the 1 to 3 day workshops and breaking it down in smaller sections.  Minimum of 12 people.

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